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This section contains links to interesting articles which we due to lack of time do not translate. However, we would like to point your attention to these articles, since we believe they are worth reading.

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Lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s “Charity” a Front for Terrorism
Abramoff’s dense network of illicit finances and phony charities might end some political careers in the United States. But the investigation into his activities by the FBI also shed light on the ways in which right-wing American Jews have often been involved in funding what are essentially terrorist activities by armed land thieves in Palestinian territory.


Adorno's Bastards and the Frankfurt School
THE FILM PLEASANTVILLE , directed by Gary Ross and released by New Line Cinema/Time Warner, is set in a town of the same name -- an idyllic 1950s kind of place that Americans wish they still lived in. It is a town free of hatred, violence, and sorrow -- that is, until two fin-de-siecle teenagers arrive uninvited and start a revolution that will introduce the hapless citizens of Pleasantville to the nightmarish modern world.


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